by Jim Boate

I spent my childhood and teen years growing up on Strachan St. I have so many great memories of those times.
We had a dairy right across the street, a grocery store, confectionary store and a small restaurant/candy store, all within a 10 minute walk. Just around the corner was a big vacant field with a hardball diamond affectionately call Kings Field.

A block and a half in the other direction was 'the Commons', it had a merry-go-round and a set of swings and in the winter there was an outdoor rink. We played in the woods at the end of the street building forts and sometimes we would go over to the Golflinks and get a job caddying, ..50 cents for carrying someone's huge 300 lb bag of clubs for 9 holes. In the wintertimes those hills would be covered with kids on toboggans and sleighs.

Definitely the best place in the world to grow up.

Circa mid 1940's to the late 1950's.