'Y' a Rock Musical
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Alice Calder, Eliza Fenton, Jennifer Gustar, Terry Horner, Art Lawson, Brenda Ough, Catherine Prior, Dan Reisler, Chris Snell, Susan Uilkema, Ted Walker, Patsy White

Albert Dobrini, Martin Hepburn, David Burtch, Matthew Clayton, Carolyn Jamieson, Brenda Waller, Debbie Watson, Jane Laurie, Beth-Anne Mendes, Bruce Abbott, June Marvin, Dennis Gibson, Gail Heard, Rob Kyle, Doug Burgess, Paul Lukeman, Clinton Storms, Brian Wright, Heather Hunt, Christine Tukendorf, Harley Spilsbury, John Carleton, Garry Richardson
'Y' is a story about the changes in a boy whose girl wants to marry him ('Norway'). At first, Dan is a popular, good student ('We're Back' & 'Wojerdo?). As his relationship with Patsy developes, he feels trapped ('Solitude'), and lashes out at his school ('Dontcha'). He leaves school to make money ('Getnajob'). The situation is resolved by a confrontation with his father, and 2 years later, he sees how trivial were his school problems ('Thack').
'Y' looks at the prospects for a young father ('Wottif?'), and ends with a simple moral ('Freedom').
We're Back - Dan - It's September
Wojerdo? - Cast- Reunion of friends
Wottif - Chris & Ted tease Dan
Norway - Patsy & Eliza - What can girls do?
Solitude - Garry - Dan's thinking
Dontcha - Dan - Rebellion
Getnajob - Albert, David, Martin, Matthew
Thack - Cast - What was it all about?
Freedom - Same as Thack


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