The West Beach

The old West Beach as it appeared about 45 years ago. The building to the left, with the blue roof, is the Pavilion.
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from The Evening Guide,  Saturday, May 18, 1929
The Board of Management of the Port Hope Parks Commission have a real pleasure resort for the people of Port Hope. The town is fortunate in having an excellent beach for bathing, and the building formerly used as a dance pavilion will be devoted to the use of the public.
A capable official will be placed in charge and in case of rain, picnic parties will be able to use the pavilion. Tables and hot water will be provided and an up-to-date canteen will be opened. The local beach is a very popular spot, especially in mid-summer and it is believed that a great many will take advantage of the facilities this year.

Because Port Hope is built primarily in a river valley, the usable waterfront area between the steep clay cliffs on either side, is small. Most of it is west of the river. The West Beach and the baseball diamond were popular spots for many years, for young and old. But no longer. Cameco now occupies almost the entire area, effectively cutting the town off from the lake. Streets that once ran on this side of the viaducts, and the houses that were built on them, have disappeared. The ball diamond and the Pavilion are long gone, the beach has been left a wasteland where people go to walk their dogs.
The former west beach is no more, and the tiny East Beach is there to remind us of the magnitude of our loss.
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