This obituary from John Hall, g-g-grandson of William Hall. John's family lived on Cavan Street in Port Hope.

In his "Life and Times" Dr. Anson Green says: "This afternoon (Nov. 30th, 1824) by previous arrangement, I delivered what I was informed was the first sermon preached in Port Hope by a Wesleyan minister. I had a shoemaker's shop for my church, his shoe-bench for a pulpit, and six persons for a congregation. Port Hope is the largest village on the circuit. It is situated at the mouth of Smith's Creek, from which our circuit takes its name. It is full of enterprise and spirit, but so full of whiskey and sin that it bears the name of 'Sodom.' My text was, 'Some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame.' The wedge is now entered, and if we can manage to get a congregation, Sodom may yet be redeemed, and by divine help we may hope to do some good."

from The Evening Guide  June 16, 1882
Obituary - One of Port Hope's oldest inhabitants was committed to his last resting place on Saturday last. William Hall was born near Scarboro, Yorkshire, England, on the 29th of May, 1796. He came to Canada in 1817, remained a while in the old town of Kingston, from thence be went to Picton where he married his present surviving partner. Mr Hall came to Port Hope about sixty years ago. He was the oldest [86 yrs] member of the Methodist Church here. The late Rev Anson Green, DD, in his autobiography, says 'On the 30th November, 1824, I preached the first Methodist sermon in the village of Port Hope, standing behind a shoemaker's bench.' This shoemaker's bench was Wm Hall's. Mr Hall has been a member of the Methodist church ever since that period. During the later years of his life (as far as worldly circumstances are concerned) he has been in poverty and affliction; but has ever manifested a firm trust and confidence in his Saviour and Redeemer and fell asleep in full hope of eternal life.
The Rev Mr Hull, in the absence of the pastor of the church, Rev W H Laird, at conference, conducted the religious service at the house and grave.