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Eldos 1958/59
Thanks to Jim Phillips
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from The Refiner  January 1959
In this issue we will attempt to provide our readers with a rundown of the 58-59 edition of the time-honoured 'Eldos' of the Town Mercantile Hockey League.
At the present midway mark of the schedule the Eldos have the rather dubious honour of holding down the sixth and last place in the League. However, this correspondent feels the remainder of the season will be a winning one for the 'Eldos'.
Firmly entrenched in the League's top position are the Lawrence Harvesters (remembered as Eldos
' arch rivals in softball), they are followed in turn by the File, Junior-Midget combines, Hi-Ways, Mathews Conveyer and Eldos. To date the team has a 1-8 record, consisting of one win and eight defeats.
The lads are smartly turned out in their black jerseys with gold trim and matching socks. The coach and players would like at this time to thank the E.R.A. [Eldorado Recreation Association] for their complete support and confidence to date. In return we will attempt to give a creditable account of ourselves during the remainder of the season.
At the helm as coach we find Jim 'Hornet' Phillips, a tried and true master of the blades.
In goal this year is Ray Clements, a second year man and one playing a terrific game. He is assisted by the veteran of many years, Ted Sheard. Ted doubles as a forward when not between the pipes.
The Eldo defence is second to none in the League and justly so, for it is anchored by two great sportsmen of Port Hope who incidently are are not getting any younger. I speak of 'Diamond' Jim Hoy and Rene Racine. These two stalwarts show the way in every fray. They are supported by Roger Phillips of the office staff and Ken Wilcox, a Cobourg Intermediate veteran and a year man with the Eldos.
The forward wall is manned by what we might say are the youngsters of the team. They consist of centres Phil 'Whitey' Clayton, Larry Scully and Tom Micks, along with wings Mico Ashton, Timer Fox, Jerry Poulin, Earle Darke, Bill Harvey and Joe Hagerman.
A number of other employees have also appeared for a few games.
The big obstacle is to obtain a good turnout of players for any one game. What with shift work, injuries, and the old problem of unwilling and tired legs, the Eldos have dropped several close contests which with a proper turnout, could easily have been made into victories.
However both coach and players are optimistic regarding the remainder of the schedule and are firmly determined to continue, proudly displaying the Eldo colours in the sporting world of Port Hope.
Larry Scully


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