The Pavilion

The Riverside Pavilion
soon became the
Colonial Coach Lines
bus stop


  from the Evening Guide  Tuesday June 29, 1929
The new Port Hope pavilion, Mill street, fittingly named the Riverside Pavilion, will open for the first time for  dancing on Saturday evening and, judging from reports, a record crowd will be out. Dancing will be conducted on Monday evening July 1st and perhaps Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
The contractors have rushed the building to completion and the pavilion presents a fine appearance. It is one of the best along the line and it should be well patronized by local followers of the fantastic arts, as well as numerous dance lovers from out of town.
The interior of the pavilion is very commodious. The dance floor is 60x40 and wide aisles surround the dance floor whch is made of well seasoned hardwood. At the northern end of the building, there are two rest rooms, store rooms, cloak rooms, kitchen and canteen where soft drinks, ice cream, chocolate bars, etc will be sold. The Riverside Troubadour orchestra will supply music and this aggregation of musicians, with their latest pieces, will find favour with the patrons.
The interior of the building has been prettily decorated with streamers, and Japanese lanterns. The entrance is made off Mill Street.
The dance resort is ideally located, and S O Runnalls is in charge. Let's go tonight. The official opening has been set for Wednesday next when special ceremonies will signalize the evening's program.

    from the Evening Guide  Tuesday June 29, 1929
Are you going to be a first-nighter at the 'New Pav?'
*      *      *     
Tonight is the opening night of the new pavilion and we expect to see a bumper crowd there.
*      *      *     
With the pavilion all lighted up and the new 'gas' station with its glow, Mill Street has become one of our bright spots.
  from the Evening Guide  Tuesday July 4, 1929
Chairman A W George, Parks Commission Board, And Manager Runnalls
Extend Welcome To Guests Wednesday Evening
With simple but quite appropriate ceremony the Port Hope Riverside Pavillion was opened last night by Mr A W George, Chairman of the ParksCommission, who, surrounded by the other members of that body, in a quaint but picturesque setting, spoke briefly in performing the official ceremony.
"The Board of Parks Commissionioners, on their behalf, and also on behalf of the Manager, Mr S O Runnalls,  welcome you to our new pavilion," said Mr George. "It has been difficult at times to face the opposition to the building of the pavilion, but as you examine and use this beautiful building, you will realize that we have accomplished what we have set out to do. Our aim was to give you one of the finest amusement places in this district. We think that you will agree with us that we have succeded in our aim. While not favouring the fast life of the present we felt that we must fall in line to keep our boys and girls at home. The building will be well and cleanly conducted. Misconduct will not be tolerated by either the Commission or the Management, and we sincerely trust that you may receive the pleasure out of the building that the Commission anticipated when its plans were first considered. Thank You."
Mr George's official welcome was preceded by the National Anthem, and as he closed his remarks the Patsy Connell Troubadours broke forth in a popular dance number and the season at the Riverside Pavilion was on.
The other members of the Parks Commission who participated in the opening were - Messrs A E Andrews, E B Lingard, J H Rosevear and H A Sculthorpe.
    from the Evening Guide  Saturday May 3, 1930
Riverside Pavilion Will Be Open For Dancing Tonight - Eight Piece Band
The grand opening of the Port Hope Riverside Pavilion, Mill Street, popular district rendezvous of all dance  lovers, will take place tonight and elaborate preparations have been made for the opening night. Judging from interest shown in town, the dance floor will be crowded by devotees of the light fantastic.
The interior of the building will present a gay appearance. Appropriate streamers and decorations have been displayed and the floor is in fine condition. Robert R Fraser, lessee of the Oshawa Winter Gardens, and Jubilee Pavilion, Lakeside Park, Oshawa, has taken over the management of the dancing pavilion, and Mr Fraser promises a good time for all who visit the 'pav'. Mr Fraser has had considerable experience in the management of dance pavilions and the attractive Riverside pavilion will be a popular spot this summer.
During the first two weeks, dancing will be conducted on Wednesday and Saturday evenings, and the dates of the other nights will be announced in this paper at a later date.
A feature of the grand opening will be the music, furnished by Sid Smith and his celebrated eight piece Strombola orchestra. This band has gained an enviable reputation and it is assured that the orchestra will provide a high class, peppy brand of music here.
Dancing will commence tonight between 8:30 and 9 o'clock and popular prices will prevail.

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