from  Announcement 1902
The last Annual Report of the Minister of Education reveals the fact that, in point of attendance, the Port Hope Model School ranks second to but one County Model School in the province, that being the London School. Mr Wood, with remarkable success, has filled the position of principal for seventeen years and Mr Black, who assumes the duties of principal this term, possesses qualifications in experience and professional training that places his success beyond question. Neither pains nor expense is being spared to ensure the maintenance of the high standard of efficiency and popularity already attained by the Port Hope Model School.

A feature of the very first importance to teachers-in-training who contemplate teaching in rural schools, is the Ungraded Department in connection with the Port Hope Model School, which will afford unrivalled facilities in practice teaching and in the observation of ungraded school methods.

Fifteen graded departments in the Port Hope Public Schools are also available for Model School purposes.

The School Board begs to announce that negotiations are progressing satisfactorily, looking to the early establishment of a Manual Training and Domestic Science Department, in which the Model School students will be given opportunities of observing methods.

Special facilities will be extended to trustees seeking properly qualified teachers among the students of Port Hope Model School, and every possible assistance will be given its graduates in securing suitable appointments.

When two students room together, board and lodgings may be had at from $2.50 a week upwards. Students rooming alone pay about $3.00. Mr Black will gladly render any desired assistance in finding home-like boarding-houses for the teachers-in-training.

The Model School term opens September 2nd, and closes December 15th. Applications for admission should, if possible, be placed in the hands of either Inspector Tilley, Bowmanville, Inspector Odell, Cobourg, or to Mr Black, Port Hope, not later than the twenty-fifth of August.

For further information apply to Albert Odell, Esq, Inspector Public Schools, County Northumberland, Cobourg; W E Tilley, MA, PhD, Inspector Public Schools, County Durham, Bowmanville; or to Mr Black.

The Model School was built in 1867, enlarged in 1883. It was used for the training of teachers from 1877 till 1906. In 1916 the Central School was built behind the Model School (by that time called the Union School), which was then torn down.

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