The Howe Family.
from Pioneer Life on the Bay of Quinte, Rolph and Clark Ltd. Toronto, Ontario  1904
Rufus Howe
Three brothers came to America from England, and settled in Vermont in the end of the seventeenth or the beginning of the eighteenth century; and it was from one of these that our pioneer is descended.
As a young man he heard glowing accounts of Canada as a country where youth and vigour had rich possibilities; taking their fortunes in their hands, he and an elder brother started for Canada about the year 1815 and arrived in Prince Edward County, settling first on a hundred acre lot in Hallowell.
For some reason his brother did not remain in Canada, but returned to the United States; but Rufus Howe made up his mind from the start that Prince Edward County had before it a great agricultural future.
Seeing a better chance of speedy success in Hillier, he sold out to Harvey and Peter Hunt and removed from Hallowell to that township, where he bought one hundred and fifty acres. A few acres only had been cleared; for the most part the land was as nature had fashioned it, and besides being heavily timbered, it presented nearly every aspect of wildness.
He went through the routine of hardship and patient toil, which the husbandman experiences under such circumstances, besides clearing and improving his own farm, he was accustomed to work for other early settlers, bearing the names of Huff and Saylor. He availed himself of every opportunity of bettering his fortunes; in late autumn when the press of work on the farm was over, he betook himself to fishing on the lake, and in this way added to an income which was increasing yearly.
He married Elizabeth Hunt.
At the time of his death he had accumulated considerable wealth, which he willed to his sons and daughters, leaving the old homestead to his youngest son, John H.
All of his children survive him, except his son, Charles R., and two daughters, Jane and Sarah.
Daniel lives near Consecon, and his daughter, Marion L., is a teacher of the local school. 
Hon. Joseph Howe, of the Maritime Provinces, was a distant relative of the pioneer.

      Children & Grandchildren:
-1. Robert Howe married Mary Anderson; settled in Ameliasburg.
      No issue.
-2. Daniel Howe married 1st Isabella Adams, 2nd Mary A. Wilson, 3rd Nancy Nethery; settled
      finally in Hillier.
      Issue: by 1st, (1) Rebecca A., (2) Charles A., (3) Daniel A., (4) George J., (5) Mary E, (6) William H.,
      (7) Isabella.
      Issue: by 2nd, (8) John W., (9) Rufus.
      Issue: by 3rd, (10) Ida G., (11) Marion L.
-3. Sarah Howe married William Stapelton; settled in Hillier.
      Issue: (1) Adeline B., (2) Clarissa, (3) John W., (4) Robert, (5) Fanny, (6) Nettie, (7) Adelia, (8) Joseph.
-4. Charles R. Howe married. Mrs Fannie Young; settled in Ameliasburg.
      Issue: (1) Albert, (2) Walter, (3) Elizabeth, (4) Mansoll.
-5. Jane Rowe married Alpheus Darling , settled in Hillier.
      Issue: (1) Christina, (2) Charles, (3) Wallace, (4) John, (5) Joseph, (6) Bertha, (7) Robert, (8) Daniel. 
-6. Elizabeth Howe married Christopher Wannamaker; settled in Ameliasburg.
      Issue: (1) Egerton, (2) John, (3) Alma, (4) Walter. 
-7. Almira Howe married 1st Willet Snider, 2nd Jarvis Maybee; settled in Ameliasburg.
      Issue: by 1st, (1) Rufus O., (2) Florence, (3) Eber, (4) William. [Willet H.]
      Issue: by 2nd, (5) Rosa.
-8. John H. Howe married Maggie Becker; settled in Hillier.
      Issue: (1) Irene, (2) Nina, (3) Zella. 

      The Daniel Howe Branch:
-1. Rebecca A. Howe, married Robert Jones; settled in Hillier.
-2. Charles A. Howe, married Emma Townsend; settled in Huron Co.
      No issue.
-3. Daniel A. Howe, married 1st, Sarah Roblin, 2nd, Mary Roblin; settled in Ameliasburg.
      Issue: by 2nd, (1) Muriel A.
-4. George J. Howe, married Delia Potter; settled in finally Assiniboia.
      Issue: (1) Arthur, (2) Ethel, (3) Percy, (4) Bessie, (5) Mildred.
-5. Mary E. Howe, married Wallace Darling; settled in Hastings Co.
-6. William H. Howe, married Victoria Huyck; settled in Hillier.
      No issue.
-7. Isabella Howe, married William Johnson; settled in Hillier.
-8. John W. Howe, married Jennie Bowman; settled in Northwest.
-9. Rufus Howe, married Nancy Nethery; settled in finally Assiniboia.
-10. Ida G. Howe, unmarried; settled in Brandon.
-11. Marion L. Howe, unmarried; settled in Hillier. School teacher in S. S. No. 7.